February 27, 2014

canada, fuck yeah

news have been received.

they were received through an unassuming e-mail on a groggy tuesday morning, upon receipt of which the undersigned went cold and limp and called mom and cried, as she so often does.

the ministry of jobs, tourism and skills training of the province of british columbia somehow found me and my unique set of skills and personage indeed worthy enough that they decided to not only support the continuation of this canadianic adventure of mine in the form of a new work permit, but also recommend my personage to the federal government for permanent residency.



February 3, 2014

stephen (the) king

while we are still waiting for news about my future, be they positive or negative or absolutely anything as long as they can be interpreted as news, i humbly point you all to the direction of the most fascinating interwebbery conversation this industry of ours has seen in a long time. possibly ever.

the comment section of stephen west's newest sweater pattern.

it's an exhilarating, passive-aggressive tug-of-war between the clockworkers and daybreakers, who have finally snapped under their grave frustration from witnessing their once-idol slip further and further away from their safe, conventional and practical design preferences, and the art hipsters, who would not actually wear anything that's not safe, conventional and practical but who in the name of civilization and open-minded liberalism appreciate the gesture anyway, or at least like to be associated with those who do - with, of course, the obligatory can't-we-all-just-get-along people crouching apologetically in between. it's the mother of all controversies, and everyone's invited!

i've never felt more alive.

go on. i'll be here eating my 10 dollar ice cream and enjoying the ride.