February 24, 2013

unnatural born

apparently i'm pretty awesome at this spinning thing.

did i mention that i only started with a wheel over christmas?

don't mean to brag or anything. but that's two months to the date.

seriously. don't mean to brag.

oh, fuck it. i know i'm awesome.

February 16, 2013


there has been a sharp and rather unforgivable decline in the amount of knitting i've been doing in the past few weeks.

here's why.

yes. i have been lured into the dark side. she's new, she's gorgeous, and she's mine.

February 12, 2013

February 10, 2013


so we went to the TNNA winter show last weekend.

i love how casually that rolls from the tongue.

just flew down to long beach, hung out with madelinetosh, took a dump at the stall next to beth casey, you know, the usual stuff.

with some delightful food-baby-walking-dead marathons scattered in between

for that completely nonchalant occasion i made two cowls and a scarf, all in company yarns, because i figured it would make me look even more professional than i falsely think i am.

the first one's a highly classified test knit which i cannot explicate further at this time. it's a cowl, and it's green. that's all.

the next two i cranked out in five days prior to leaving for the show. during those five days i also worked full time as well as moved my ever-increasing earthly belongings to a new apartment, so i suppose it's safe to say i'm pretty fuckin' fast. not that i'm one to brag (although i totally am).

22.5 degrees by martina behm
sweetgeorgia cashluxe fine (111g / 3mm)

cabernet cowl by monika sirna
sweetgeorgia cashluxe fine (54g / 3.5mm)

pretty things, aren't they?*

*the question above is not a rhetorical one and only has one correct answer