April 28, 2014


i feel like i've just given birth.

today i've brought to conclusion an unprecedented, three-part project which i carried out with much determination and poise, despite all the dangers and uncertainty inherent in such projects.

as the boy would surely testify, upon agreeing to take on this adventure i was not fully aware of what a project of such magnitude entails, and granted, there were many a moments when faith was almost lost, and gods were almost denounced.

but with steady hands i gracefully steered my proverbial boat through gushing winds and every other nautical allegory until arriving at the safe harbour of calm and quiet and stresslessness. hopefully it will all soon translate to fame, riches and global awe.

it's all so very, very secretive.

oddly, being stress-free feels an awful lot like bronchitis.

April 18, 2014


there was a sheep, and the sheep was smelly.

the sheep ate grass and some other things too. sometimes the sheep slept and dreamt sheepy dreams.

then the sheep was sheared and turned into yarn, and the yarn was dyed and then some tool made a sweater out of it.

a sweater that smells like sheep and grass and other things and sleep.

carpino by carol feller
size modified 35"
sweetgeorgia bfl sock (224g / 3.5mm)