February 10, 2013


so we went to the TNNA winter show last weekend.

i love how casually that rolls from the tongue.

just flew down to long beach, hung out with madelinetosh, took a dump at the stall next to beth casey, you know, the usual stuff.

with some delightful food-baby-walking-dead marathons scattered in between

for that completely nonchalant occasion i made two cowls and a scarf, all in company yarns, because i figured it would make me look even more professional than i falsely think i am.

the first one's a highly classified test knit which i cannot explicate further at this time. it's a cowl, and it's green. that's all.

the next two i cranked out in five days prior to leaving for the show. during those five days i also worked full time as well as moved my ever-increasing earthly belongings to a new apartment, so i suppose it's safe to say i'm pretty fuckin' fast. not that i'm one to brag (although i totally am).

22.5 degrees by martina behm
sweetgeorgia cashluxe fine (111g / 3mm)

cabernet cowl by monika sirna
sweetgeorgia cashluxe fine (54g / 3.5mm)

pretty things, aren't they?*

*the question above is not a rhetorical one and only has one correct answer


  1. holy shit. you are faster than fast! that's unbelievable! but now i want to knit yet another martina behm pattern. so for that, i think you ;) i might have snagged a skein of wollmeise lace just for the nuvem. haha.
    also i'm stupid jealous of your trip to tnna. just sayin'.

  2. i know someone who's been going through melissa's stash over there!! for these compliments, i spank you.

  3. "highly classified test knit". you do know how to keep idiots entertained, yes? i'm sure i didn't have anything better to do with my time than anticipate highly classified test knits. where might they be published? i must go through all of the internet.

    the other two are brilliant as well. love the cowl especially.

    1. i have my ways of luring fools in, she said in a devilish tone of voice.

  4. Jeebus, that old lady in Scotland has nothing on you! How mang FOs did you knit in how many days??? Shiz... the next time I see you, I totally have to film you knitting. I mean it.

    But they all look gorgeous! And I like how you made them in company yarn, using the company model, and photographed in company style! ;) I totally want that Martina Behm shawl, what a gorgeous colour!!

    Oh hey, how's the new place treating you? The temperature must be perfect! ;)

    1. felicia already filmed me at the airport but i had to cut it short because i wasn't feeling my fastest. my humbleness humbles me.

      the place is perfect, the temperature's not. wanna make me a pair of thrummed socks or something?

    2. Hahaha! Um, yeah, I can barely finnish my first thrummed mitt, let alone try to attempt knitting a pair of thrummed socks! :p

      Do you have control over your heat? Maybe this is just an incentive to knit more sweaters!

    3. it's the same heating for all of us. although i really don't get how it works, because this morning i woke up and my room was warm again, but the kitchen was freezing. it's always either or.

      personally i prefer cold over hot, but sheesh. anyway what's left of winter here will probably be gone before i finish that darn breckon..