July 1, 2011

jag dyrkar satan

here's a little something i picked up from a trip to norway.


i know it's not technically knitting. but i stitched it all by myself. with my bleeding little hands. so stop bitching. and start worshipping satan. prostitution is recommended too.

said eloquent piece of artwork also goes rather nicely with this little trinket i picked up from a trip to sweden.


what the hell is wrong with scandinavians anyway?


  1. Ok, I'm going to stop stalking and come out of hiding just to say that I LOVE that fuck sign.

  2. yeah there's just something about them (us) scandinavians, saying stuff flat-out like it is. you can't really sugar-coat "fuck you" anyway.

    incidentally the magnet on the left has a squirrel saying "nuts about canada".