March 16, 2011

excessively displeased avifauna

..or, as the colloquial translation goes, angry f-ing birds.

ok. so it turns out geeks love toys.

recognizing opportunity where i saw one, i tapped into the infinite demand of crocheted novelty items by making a red bird for my brother, who’s an engineer and plays with his iphone almost as much as he plays with himself. then he showed the thing (bird, that is) to all his engineer friends. and soon my email was completely swarmed with mails from 30-something engineers asking to make them one too. all i need to do now is get a bunch of robots to amplify the production rate around 2000 % and pretty soon i can retire to an island somewhere and inject myself with liquid money.

improvised pattern
made with all kinds of scrap yarn and a whole lot of felt, paper and glue

i never thought my crocheting would be considered cool. take that, age-old preconceptions about handicraft being lame and embarrassing! i’m the ruler of this block now.

i’m pretty stoked too how they turned out. my birds kick ass. the piggy especially. it stares right into your soul.

close-up pics of each bird after the jump.

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