March 16, 2011

plain, simple & pretty

this one took forever to make, but it had less to do with me being slow or mentally defective and more with a grade A flu mixed with bronchitis and debilitating back pain. or so i keep telling myself.

size modified small
grignasco flavia baby (350g/2,5mm)

most sweaters i've made have ended up as moth food because a) i'm too lazy to read the pattern properly or, b) i'm alert enough to read the pattern but am still too lazy to make any gauge/size/yarn modifications. so when i try them on they fit like shit (whoa, that rhymes) so i kind of break down and start punching people, but because i live alone there's no one to punch so i punch myself, repeatedly, and a week later my mom sees me and asks what the hell happened, and i tell her i tried to make a sweater, and she says "oh ok". she knows how i roll.

but this one, man.. this one.. i love it. i love the yarn and the fit and the collar and the buttons and i'm just gonna go now and make sweet love to this sweater so move away, people.

more pics after the jump.

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